Changchun how cattle, you know | June 20, 2012

Changchunis the name of the emperor Qian Long gets up. Changchun is China by the foreign experts on planning and design of city .Changchun is China only imitating foreign capital construction city ( Paris ,Canberra) is the first in Asia to Changchun comprehensive popularization flush toilet city.
( nineteen thirties ) Changchun is Asia first comprehensive popularization pipeline gas city .( nineteen thirties ) Changchun is Asia implementation of trunk line to ground in the city .
( nineteen thirties ) is the first Chinese Changchun planning of city subway ( 1941)is a modern Changchun Asia only one once than Tokyo also advanced city .Changchun China is the four largest city of gardens (Nanjing ,Changchun ,Hangzhou ,Kunming) is China Changchun City Greening second .
( first Nanjing ) is China University Students in Changchun city population, the highest proportion of city ( 400000 /300million) is currently China Changchun ,subject of most of the University ,Jilin University, Jilin University.
But also by the Chinese KP founded the first comprehensive university .And Northeast Normal University and other colleges and universities 26.Changchun is also China .Changchun is the cradle of China .
The new China car was born in Changchun .New China car was born in Changchun First Automobile is China car manufacturer. Changchun is the cradle of new China film industry of new China in the first film .
Born in Changchun .Most of Chinese adults are watching video film grown .Changchun now also owns China only world-class theme park ,the long image century city .Changchun is China rail vehicles cradle of new Chinese first track passenger train was born in Changchun .
New China the first streetcar was born in Changchun China first .Subway train in Changchun born. China maglev train was born in Changchun Changchun .( experimental ) passenger car factory is China ,the world manufacturer of rail vehicles .
( products of Beijing subway ,light rail in Beijing ,Wuhan light rail ,Chongqing Center Monorail ,Guangzhou metro, Pyongyang metro, Teheran Metro ,as well as the vast majority of Chinese Railway Changchun Bus ) is China enterprise cradle.
The first laser in China Born in Changchun .China first electron microscope was born in Changchun .Moreover there are dozens of Chinese first ,but not before two so important. Changchun Institute is China most early and most prestigious optical research institutions .
Changchun is Chinese gene biochemistry enterprise cradle. China genetic engineering hepatitis B vaccine in Changchun China was born .The first tramcar was born in Changchun .China first monoclonal antibody in Changchun .
Chinese born in Changchun AIDS vaccine research .Changchun Institute of biological products in China is the earliest and largest vaccine research production unit Changchun also for China has contributed to.
The Shenzhou six payload ( main part ) as well as glass windows from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Optics and fine development of the Shenzhou six refractory material by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry .
Is a Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei ,Fei Junlong ,Nie Haisheng and other Chinese all astronauts have graduated from Changchun University of air force . It is reported, here will also go out the Chinese first female astronaut.
Changchun is the first China forest city streets are lined with green trees ,South is the Asian biggest artificial forest ,an area of 150 square kilometers .Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park Chinese food is first big city Changchun fertile land around the ten major grain-producing counties ,Changchun ,accounted for three.
Commodity grain output and per capita amount Chinese first. Changchun bright moon group is the Asian biggest beef processing and export enterprises ,the annual processing capacity ranking the fourth in the world.
Changchun Jilin Germany is the world agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises ,national industrial enterprises ,the enterprises with foreign investment and national industrial enterprises in Export 4 500 strong.
Asia slaughter and processing enterprises. Changchun Dacheng Group is Asia processing enterprises. Processing capacity ranking the second in the world for many years ,the city of Changchun grain per capita ,per capita of commodity grain ,commodity rate and the volume of exports ,in the large city in the first place, no disaster without waste .
The jurisdiction of the grain production of Jilin Province ,commodity rate ,v quantity ,export volume in successive years ranks first in the country .Northeast fertile black earth once when organic fertilizer to the .
Changchun is also the hometown of the sika ,now still is China breeding base .Western Horqin prairie single Dinghe and eastern white immense forest in Northeast Tiger echo each other at a distance ,support each other ,you said I laugh .
Northeast Sambo known through overseas .For the protection of dragon of the natural scene ,before the Opium War Qing government only in a large number of the victims to allow single into Liaoning ,to the northeast of strict ban ,is more in Jilin built a four hundred and fifty km wall (known in history as the Jilin new edge) ,Ji Lincheng was banned in the ban .
Nevertheless ,stick hit roe of gourd ladle of fishing ,pheasant falls in the pot great temptation ,strongly stimulated the adventurer Wang Fapao behind their development ,ban .When it is discovered by foreign war neurosis ,became others mouth bite flesh .
This will change it to become yellow Russia ,that must change it is Japan ,fight black and blue. Head broken and bleeding ,mutilation ,brains crack .Hitler also told here soybean with vertical extension of a ruler ,straight clip clop mouth .
In the country has proven mineral ( 136),Jilin province has 72 kinds .Reserves in the nation before ten have 41.Nonferrous Metal 12(countrywide ascertain 15),and a number of reserves in the nation .
Songyuan city has the largest shallow layer oil field ,oil shale .The eastern mountain is rich in water resources .Although there are several large hydropower stations, but also more than half resources development .


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