See you smile, my life to you!!! | June 20, 2012

1    a robber: “password safe hang out!Don’t say you will be killed!”    female staff: “do not say!Kill me or not!You spoil me, I do not say!!”    went up and down in a female staff member, said: “you would think!”In 2 a reporter to interview 100 penguins in antarctica!Ask the penguins day stem what!The first says: “eat, sleep, play peas” second said: “eat, sleep, play bean” has asked 99 all so, asked 100th said: “eat, sleep.
“A reporter asked: “why don’t you hit bean?”Penguin says: “Mom, I is the fabaceous beans.”3 Zhao Benshan rode into town meets Wei Fan!Wei Fan asks: “eat?”Zhao Benshan said: “to eat!”Wei Fan said proudly: “I asked the donkey, you put what!”Zhao Benshan turned to smoke two donkeys in the face, said: “there is relative also don’t say.
“4, walked the streets wearing a yellow T-shirt plump middle-aged woman!My shirt on and wrote a few words: “I’m a virgin!”Curious passers-by have stopped, fat smile from a woman walking in front of them.
Later, all fools diffuse!Originally, the fat woman has a word: “it was a long time ago.”5 fireflies fly in the air, which has a luminescence!The other one was curious and asked him: “Gemen, why don’t you light?”Not luminous firefly replied: “Oh, forget the last month to pay the electricity bill!”The 6 one airplane airsick, could not help but want to spit, let airline stewardess with a plastic bag!Unexpectedly, dizzy too serious, very fast plastic bags will be full of spit!Airline stewardess said: “you can I get a!”Airline stewardess came back, found everywhere being spit on!Airline stewardess asks angrily: “what’s the matter?”The passenger says: “I see a soon to be full of spit, get a drink, the results did not expect everyone else to spit!7 a beautiful night shift, was a man stalking, Belle very afraid, passing the cemetery, man was about to start, beauty come to a grave and said: “Daddy, please open the door, I come back”.
Scared man run.Pretty smart for his own proudly laugh, but laugh did not fall, from the tomb came out a sepulchral voice said: “little girl, how come you forgot your keys again?”Scared woman screaming run.
Then, a tomb from the tomb, said: “I work, scared the shit out of you”.Suddenly an old man found tombstone, tombstone inscribed in hand with a chisel, is odd to ask: “what are you doing”?The old man said angrily: “these unworthy descendants put my tombstone is engraved wrong, only to change their own”.
Tomb Raider listens, scared and started running.Look at the ghoul back, old man sneered: “seize the business with me, scared the shit out of you”.One not careful, chisel off the ground, the old man bent to pick up from the grass, but see a hand, and a cold voice: “ah, can arbitrarily changed my number”.
Scared the old man scrambled away.A scavengers from grass climb out, pick up a chisel, sighed and said: “this year, pick up a piece of rotten iron will have so great.”I wish hard to earn money to friends happy every day! If you smile!!Let more people share the joy.


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